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Black-Owned Holiday Gift List

Every year during the holiday season we are lured in by the major corporations to spend racks on racks on RACKS for things that we mostly want and don’t really need. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big proponent of treating oneself, especially after a year like this one. But now more than ever I think it is important that we are supporting small businesses, more specifically Black-owned businesses. To help with this, I have put together a list of some of my favorite Black-owned businesses for products that I have used and enjoyed myself.


1. Stemz

A Houston, TX based company that specializes in a collection of Pampas Grass and other preserved arrangements. I have purchased their “Bunny Tails” in black and natural colors and I’m very excited to style them. They have so many new items coming including their Pampas Bauble ornaments, so check them out before the site sells out!


Instagram: @stemz_

2. VaLuxurious Lips

VaLuxurious Lips is a handmade lip gloss brand based in Louisville, KY. Along with their wide variety of lip colors and flavors, they now offer chapstick to keep everyone's lips moisturized. I have used their “Peach Me Glaze” which is pictured below, and plan to try out the “Berry Bomb” next. Winter is coming, so it's time to stock up and keep those lips on point!


Instagram: @valuxurious_lips

3. Corey’s Kitchen Collection

A Lexington, KY based company offering a collection of seasoning blends that use 100% natural herbs and spices which include globally sourced ingredients. All of their flavor blends are gluten-free and contain no added MSG. I currently use their seasoning salt which has been really great on my hash browns and fried rice. Next I hope to try their “ Jamaican Jerk” seasoning to make spicy jerk tofu!


Instagram: @coreyskitchencollection

4. Melanin Minerals

An Oregon based company that specializes in handcrafted beauty products. I have gotten to try their “Soothing Lavender” hand sanitizer, as well as the “Peppermint & Tea Tree” hair and body wash. My skin care routine has been lacking throughout quarantine so I am definitely going to try out some of their face products very soon.


Instagram: @melaninminerals324

5. Shy’s Bath and Candle Bakery

A collection of delicious smelling (and looking) candles and bath products that mimic some of your favorite desserts. I have tried their “Sweet Kentucky Bourbon” candle and it smells AMAZING! Their shop is full of great gifts and stocking stuffers, perfect for any of your friends and family. Did I mention they accept prayer requests on their website?


Instagram: @shysbathandcandlebakery

6. Black Business Boxes

Last but not least, we have the Louisville, KY based subscription box service. Black Business Boxes sells a monthly box filled with items from a variety of Black-owned businesses with a mission of building a Black economy. I was able to find several of the businesses listed above through their service (Corey’s Kitchen Collection, Melanin Minerals, and Shy’s Bath and Candle Bakery). Give the gift of a Black Business Box for a one stop shop of great Black-owned products.


Instagram: @blackbusinessboxes


I hope you all have found this gift list helpful and enjoyable. I know it can be stressful shopping small when the super stores and malls have everything in one place, so my goal is that this list will put your minds at ease and make shopping Black-owned all the more simple. Black Friday is right around the corner and a lot of these companies have some great deals going on, so don't give into the corporate hype and support Black businesses this holiday season!

Did I miss any of your favorite Black-owned businesses? Leave a comment below to keep this gift list going!

Happy Holidays to you and your families...

-Siera Arena

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