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Book Review: People Like Her

People Like Her was my very first pick from Book of the Month. I was immediately drawn in by their quick take on the book warning that it was an addictive thriller. Suspense/Thriller is probably my favorite genre when it comes to books and movies and this book definitely did not disappoint. Before getting into the review, here is a quick synopsis of the book.

The Synopsis:

To her adoring fans, Emmy Jackson, aka @the_mamabare, is the honest “Instamum” who always tells it like it is. To her skeptical husband, a washed-up novelist who knows just how creative Emmy can be with the truth, she is a breadwinning powerhouse chillingly brilliant at monetizing the intimate details of their family life. To one of Emmy’s dangerously obsessive followers, she’s the woman that has everything—but deserves none of it.

As Emmy’s marriage begins to crack under the strain of her growing success and her moral compass veers wildly off course, the more vulnerable she becomes to a very real danger circling ever closer to her family.

In this deeply addictive tale of psychological suspense, Ellery Lloyd raises important questions about technology, social media celebrity, and the way we live today. Probing the dark side of influencer culture and the perils of parenting online, People Like Her explores our desperate need to be seen and the lengths we’ll go to be liked by strangers. It asks what—and who—we sacrifice when we make our private lives public, and ultimately lose control of who we let in. . . .

My Spoiler-Free Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book from start to finish. One of my favorite aspects of the book is that it is told in a multi-perspective format. There are three narrators:

  1. Emmy - the instamum influencer with 1 million followers.

  2. Dan - Emmy’s husband who is a writer with little to show for it since his first book.

  3. A Stalker - A revenge seeking follower of Emmy’s

This made reading the book all the more interesting as we are able to gain so much context over every aspect of the story. Each chapter rotates between these three narrators which helps break things up. This makes the longer chapters feel more bearable as they are made up of three shorter sections.

Another part of the book that I enjoyed was the way the author teases you throughout the story. It felt as though they would intentionally set something up or provide clues that would lead you to think one thing, but then you find out that it was something else. This definitely kept me on my toes during the reading experience.

Overall, I gave this book a rating of 4.5 stars. I docked it slightly only because there weren’t any characters that I absolutely adored. With the way it is written there isn’t really a need for likable characters, but for the sake of a fair rating I thought this would be a good way to differentiate between a 5 star read and lower. I don’t know about you all, but I’m the type of person that feels bad for the villain in movies and TV shows, and I found myself feeling this way when reading this book. I felt sympathy for both sides because frankly everyone is the bad guy in their own way here. Let me know what you think of the characters in the comments!

People Like Her will be released on January 12th. You can get your own copy by using my link:

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I hope you all enjoyed this review and that it helps you find your next read!

Happy Reading.

-Siera Arena


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