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Book Review: Midnight Sun

My Spoiler-Free Review:

For this review I am just going to get right into it because getting through this book has felt like a chore at times. Don’t get me wrong, I am clearly a Twilight superfan and I absolutely loved the book, but anything that wasn’t new to me took longer to get through (which of course was a lot). It also didn’t help that I just re-read the original Twilight book back in March. With that being said, there was still a lot to learn throughout the book during the times where Edward and Bella were apart. There is also the extra layer of detail from Edward being able to read people’s minds. It further develops the foundation we have for the story we know and love.

It’s difficult to give this book a proper rating without being biased, but I think that overall I would give it a 9/10. Meyer took every chance she could to provide us with new stories and details that made reading the 651 pages worth while. This book would definitely cater to the fans of the saga, but can also be enjoyed by those who have never seen or read the original movies and books. The love story of Edward and Bella will never get old in my book, so if you are in the mood to get lovey dovey this holiday season then you should definitely give Midnight Sun a try.

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If you are hoping to avoid spoilers, then take this as your cue to click away. I will be giving away some never before read information from the book. You've been warned...



This is your final warning to scroll back up or exit the window as I will be spoiling some of the new details I was able to learn from Midnight Sun. Spoilers starting in 5…..4…..3….2….1....

  • Tanya, the curly haired blonde from the Denali coven wanted to be mates with Edward. We learned of this during the time when Edward goes missing for a few days after smelling Bella for the first time at school. Edward runs up to Alaska to figure out what to do about his new obsession, but he tries to make it a short trip so as to not lead Tanya on. Her desperation was embarrassing. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance.

  • We learn that Charlie’s mind is very difficult to read. Not completely blocked off like Bella’s, but very quiet and of very few words. Reneé on the other hand has extremely loud thoughts that demand to be heard through her body language. Bella definitely took after Charlie in this way but you would think that for her thoughts to be completely guarded, both parents would have minds that are hard to read.

  • We also get to hear the story of how Emmet joined the Cullen family! One day when the Cullens were living in Tennessee, Rosalie was out in the forest when she came across a man who had been mauled by a bear. Rosalie carried Emmet all the way home and pleaded for Carlisle to save him.

  • After Edward rescued Bella from the men who planned on attacking her. He and Carlisle tracked the leader of the group down, knocked him out, and dropped him off near a police station after leaving an anonymous tip. The man was wanted for several sexual assault cases in the surrounding areas.

  • We learn that after James’ attack on Bella, Alice does a lot of work to doctor up their cover story. She actually goes to a hotel and rolls herself out of a window and then pours out bags of blood that she stole from the hospital onto the ground with the broken glass. They go through every detail of the plan for their cover and it was very interesting to read!

These are all of the good ones I can think of at the moment but I will definitely make updates as they come to mind. Hopefully you enjoyed these spoilers and this review of Midnight Sun. If you’ve read the book already, let me know what you thought in the comments below. Try and keep it spoiler free for those who want to stay surprised ;)

Happy Reading!

-Siera Arena


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