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This Is My America: Dream Cast

It’s official! According to Variety, Kim Johnson’s novel, This Is My America, is set to have a TV adaptation that will be streaming on HBO Max. What better way to celebrate than with a dream cast? In this post I will be sharing my hopes for the future cast of the show, as well as some of the reasoning behind why I think they’d be a perfect fit. Let me know if you agree by leaving a like or comment down below. And if you’re going to bash some of my choices, at least back it up with who you’d cast instead. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings entirely.

Now let’s get into it…


1. Priah Ferguson (As Tracy)

When I was thinking about Tracy and how I thought she would look, aside from the influences of her portrait on the book’s cover, I immediately thought of Ferguson from Stranger Things. She’s fairly young in the show, but she is now a teen in real life and I feel that by the time they start filming she will fit perfectly into the role. I think this would be a great opportunity for her career and give her a chance to show us more of her acting abilities.

2. Trevor Jackson (As Jamal)

I felt that Trevor Jackson was a great pick for Jamal because he is pretty well known as an actor and can still portray someone that is high school aged. I mean seriously it’s not like this is the most drastic aging-up that we’ve seen in film and TV. What do you all think?

3. Asante Blackk (As Quincy)

Blackk is most notably known for his amazing portrayal of Kevin Richardson in the Netflix Limited-Series, When They See Us. His performance should alleviate any doubts of his acting ability, as he clearly has the chops to take on the role. I also thought that he and Priah Ferguson would go well together as potential love interests.

4. Samira Wiley (As Beverly)

Many people know Wiley from the Netflix original, Orange is the New Black, and more recently Hulu’s, The Handmaid’s Tale. She was always one of my favorite characters on OITNB and *SPOILER ALERT* I pretty much stopped watching the show when her character died. With that being said, Wiley was one of the first people I thought of when thinking about who I would cast as Beverly. The added bonus is that she is Asante Blackk’s aunt! This was such a beautiful coincide since their characters are siblings and I think that family chemistry would really shine through.

5. Lili Reinhart (As Angela)

I honestly had a hard time figuring out who I wanted to play Angela. It was to the point where I was just scrolling through google images with ‘blonde actresses under 25’ in the search bar. I tend to pick people that are in shows/movies I’ve watched recently and eventually something clicked in my head…Riverdale! That’s when I realized that Lili Reinhart would make for a perfect Angela. Who would you have picked?

6. Morris Chestnut (As Steve Jones)

This one was pretty much a no brainer. I thought of Steve Jones as an older and handsome Black man who also happens to be bald. Therefore you can’t tell me that Morris Chestnut doesn’t fit that description to a T.

7. Karimah Westbrook & Chiwetel Ejiofor (As Mr. & Mrs. Beaumont)

Last but certainly not least are the parents of Tracy and Jamal. I don’t have too much to say about these picks other than the fact that I think they would do a great job playing these characters.


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